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Working Capital

If you need quick access to cash – whether it be to seize an opportunity, or cover unforeseen expenses – a working capital loan is an excellent choice.

The traditional loan process is slow. When running a business throws us curve balls, quick access to capital can make the difference between success and failure. Funds from your working capital loan can be in your account in days.

A working capital loan from Bankroll will require minimal documentation and flexible credit guidelines. You can get a decision today and transfer funds to your account in 24 hours.

Checking the rate on your working capital loan takes minutes and won’t affect your credit score.

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Working Capital - Uses

A working capital loan will give you quick access to the cash you need, when you need it.

Immediate Cash

A working capital loan allows access to cash when you need it. Be prepared to seize opportunities or handle unforeseen expenses. Bankroll has your back.

Capture Opportunities

Get quick and simple access to cash to take advantage of opportunities that come your way – an expansion, buyout, or that sweet deal you can’t pass up.

Unforeseen Expenses

Sometimes running a business throws curve balls and we face unforeseen expenses. A working capital loan from Bankroll can save your business from failing.

Any Business Purpose

A working capital loan offers the most flexibility. Use your working capital loan for any business purpose and only pay interest on what you use.

Your Working Capital Loan is Waiting

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Working Capital Loan - Features

A working capital loan offers the cash your business needs – as soon as possible.

Quick Decision

Get a same day decision. There’s no obligation and it won’t affect your credit score.

Flexible Terms

Get flexible payback terms on your working capital loan.  Only pay interest on what you use.

Lowest Rates

Get the lowest rate on your working capital loan. Only pay interest on what you use.

Dedicated Support

Our team is not only here to setup your working capital loan, but we’re here for ongoing support.

Working Capital - Eligibility

To qualify for a working capital loan, you will need to meet the minimum requirements.

Time in business

Minimum of 6 months

Annual revenue

Over $100,000

Credit score

560 or higher

Frequently Asked Questions

Have additional questions? You can reach us via phone, email or chat. Our dedicated specialists are here to help.

The first step is verifying your identity and business information. We then will need to determine your credit limit by analyzing your recent business cash flow. Our goal is to get you the maximum amount possible without overly straining your business cash flow. The entire process takes about 5 minutes.

We understand the importance of protecting your credit score. Bankroll utilizes a “soft pull” to make our credit decision which does not impact your credit score.

We need your business tax ID and social security number for identification purposes. We also need to review your last 3 months cash flow data. You may either connect your bank to our secure platform, or upload your most recent business bank statements. Connecting your bank is the recommended option because it takes less than a minute and helps reduce fraud risk for us – allowing us to offer better pricing.

Your rate will vary based on your risk profile. Checking your rate takes less than 4 minutes and will not affect your credit score. Our goal is always to deliver the most competitive terms in the industry.

Check Your Rate

Checking your rate won’t affect your credit score.